The network statistics system

The system tracks the level of service (SLA) network , eg . IP and MPLS .


Cechy systemu

The system allows you to track your Internet service provider customers service level (SLA) network, eg. IP and MPLS.
  • Availability of services;
  • Traffic on port in two directions In and Out;
  • Delay (SD, DS), average delay, average monthly delay
  • Losses (SD, DS), average loss, average monthly loss
  • Jitter (SD, DS), Average Jitter, Jitter average monthly
  • location
  • Time: day, week, month
  • Class quality traffic
  • Filtering Data
  • Construction portlet – the ability to customize your desktop
  • Managing users and available statistics / services
Database powered by a majority of more than 13 000 records within every 5 minutes. These data are stored for at least 3 months. After this period may be aggregated – for the purpose of presenting statistics on a monthly or annual basis.
  • Database Master (for recording) and 2 Slave database (read) (MySQL).
  • Sampling and data aggregation
  • The application set on platfomie Liferay, Figure charting Flot jQuery
  • Implemented OneLogin (SSO) – integration with the central authentication system (Jasig-CAS) and LDAP
  • Integration with SSL and a hardware VPN gateway
modularity 80%
complexity 95%
ease of use 98%
frequency of updates 98%
performance 100%
easy integration 80%

Benefits for User

  • Tracking the availability and level of service;
  • The intuitive user interface, the ability to set your desktop;
  • Precise data flows to specific groups and individuals;
  • Management portal, users without the programmer;
  • The access to both the computer and the mobile device;
  • Adapting to changing application requirements and extend its functionality.

Examples of implemented SLA systems

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