Mobile survey apps

Mobile, flexible, easy to integrate



Characteristics of the system

  • flexible online survey management (survey sets, forms, questions and answers) using web application
  • sending specific sets of questions to a specific mobile device and questions management
  • doing survey in the field with possibility of making photo documentation
  • sending the result to the central system
  • the possibility of signing using tablet
  • integration with the internal system of the company (CRM, Billing, ERP, etc.), for example, you can download the current list of clients or visits to tablet
  • version update and unauthorized access management using tablet
  • the possibility to customize / add all dedicated functionalities
  • collecting data by insurance agents or sales representatives who work in the field
  • reports from device installation. which require signature and photo documentation
  • monitoring of patients / devices and quick reaction in case of emergency
modularity 83%
complexity 95%
ease of use 95%
frequency of updates 78%
flexibility 100%
easy to integrate 80%

Benefits for users

    • The software allows you to create forms, surveys, that can be transferred to other devices including mobile devices based on the Android operating system.
    • The collected information can be transmitted and processed due to the integration with the system used in your company. It can improve the provided information
    • Survey forms can be shaped as desired, it means that they can contain open and closed questions. there is also possibility to attach photos and sign using tablet.

Examples of implemented survey apps

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