Enterprise open source portal and collaboration software

Use Liferay to build modern websites and portals to engage customers, partners, and employees


Characteristics of the system

On the platform You can:

  • rear access to existing business applications. This allows access to them is in one place,
  • publish content with graphics through a simple WYSIWYG editor,
  • publish a variety of content, information for various roles in the system (eg. different for people from the outside, the other for employees).
    It has a modular architecture that provides easy expansion. Each portlet provides certain services and functionality. Portlets are built by an open standard, are independent and can be created by different artists and different technologies

  • built entirely on Open Source technologies and continuously developed
  • designed for development of enterprise-class application
  • has a web interface (access to applications through a web browser)
  • business friendly MIT license. License allows copying and any modifications,
  • Professional consultation and support provided by the developers of the platform (24 hours / day, 7 days a week), and by a team Stermedia,
  • the system is continuously developed since 2000,
  • there are plenty of free help to support Liferay, np.lifecasty, message boards, mailing lists (Lportalu centered around a large and active community).
modularity 83%
complexity 95%
ease of use 95%
frequency of updates 78%
flexibility 100%
easy to integrate 80%

Benefits for users

  • The access to both the computer and the mobile device;
  • Integration with programs used in the organization;
  • Precise data flows to specific groups and individuals;
  • Management portal without the programmer – the contents are published using a simple editor;
  • The low cost and short development time;
  • Adapting to changing application requirements and extend its functionality.

Examples of implemented intranet portal

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