Open system for managing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM).


Characteristics of the system

Odoo (formerly OpenERP) is a complete IT solution supporting companies (small and medium sized) in the most important areas: accounting and finance, reporting, procurement, controlling, planning, production, operation store, distribution, sales, customer relationships (CRM), marketing, human resources, project management, fleet management, etc.
  • The company – sales of generator offers, shopping, services, service scanners, point of sale (PoS);
  • Logistics – warehouse management and supply, production, material requirements planning (MRP), products and pricing;
  • Accounting and Finance – Accounting, billing, cost accounting, budgeting, payment and asset management;
  • HR – Human resources (HR), management skills, holidays, attendance.
  • Daily activities – integrated document management system (DMS)
  • Industry Modules – ready-made modules for management, among others, hospital, hotel, restaurant, library, etc.
  • Community – free
  • Enterprise – paid, with extended functionality
  • Online – paid, operating on-line „out of the box”
Server, Client (Gtk), Web Client

Benefits for User

  • The access to both the computer and the mobile device;
  • Integration with programs used in the organization;
  • Precise data flows to specific groups and individuals;
  • Management portal without the programmer – the contents are published using a simple editor;
  • The low cost and short development time;
  • Adapting to changing application requirements and extend its functionality.
modularity 83%
complexity 97%
ease to use 95%
frequency of updates 78%
flexibility 100%
easy integration 80%

Examples of implemented ERP systems

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