Med Image Diag

Viewing, evaluation, diagnosis from the picture in one place.



System features

    Artificial intelligence (neural network, genetic algorithm, support vector machine, decision trees, etc) automatically classifies the sample of image to set down of classes /adequate types of  chance. Each of the algotithm is “learning” to a particular problem e.g. diagnosis class of malignacy of brain cancer (deep learning, machine learning and systems neuroscience)
    Algotithm is “learning” to know differences based on prior process of learning. The more samples (images) reference the more better recognition results.
    The system allows access to other users of the case for consultation diagnosis. Consequently the risk of mistake is minimized.
    Possible integration with other applications: web, mobile, desktop or each connected to the Internet and devices e.g scanner.
modularity 83%
complexity 95%
easy of use 95%
the frequency of updates 78%
flexibility 100%
integrity 80%

User benefits

Demo system for browsing, tagging pictures online:

Link to demo

    • The software is used to support the process of diagnostic imaging
    • The system allows consultation on the diagnosis with other experts.
    • The software can be integrated with medical devices and medical apps etc.
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