deep-learning Stermedia

We extract knowledge from the Data and Images (image processing). We design algorithms, build models and tools to extract knowledge (Data Mining, deep and machine learning) with large amounts of data (Big Data).

Examples of ongoing projects:

  • The analysis of medical images, eg. support in the diagnosis of brain tumors, more at website:
  • monitorig Media – Analysis of Media video streams (TV) and radio NP. Search instances of similar sequences, Music, Advertisements, analysis of video archives. Similar analyzes possible in the written media (text mining)
  • detection and face recognition and other objects of the Images
  • People detection from video streaming (monitoring)
  • Quality Control from images during production process
  • Analysis of social media (eg. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) in terms of search candidates for job, the initial automatic verification data Profile, forecasting changes of job, combining profiles of the same person from Social media etc
  • plate recognition – used in products

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