We develop mobile apps for iOS and Android-enabled locating iBeacon, through which users get information about the place where they are currently on their Smartphone, iPhone, iPad or tablet.

iBeacon locating devices installed inside buildings. The technology saves the time required to reach a point of interest to us, and get acquainted with what surrounds us.

The application along with iBeaconem allow:

  • User guide to shops / places that interest us
  • send information about the offers currently visiting such places. store, or the observed products.
  • Technology also has many other applications that allow you to increase the satisfaction of staying in the hotel where I find a client and is used in industry and mining

iBeacons are already used, among others in the Commercial Galleries, Museums, the airports, Schools, Fair as well as in other areas where communication is needed.

iBeacon join the market as an opportunity to stand out from the competition and be more friendly to customers.

It is also worth a look at the video shown below describing the technology

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