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Face recognition

Detect multiple faces in a photo simultaneously. With or without glasses. With any expression




System features

    Detect multiple faces in a photo simultaneously. With or without glasses. With any expression.

    Find location of eyes, nose, mouth and many other points for each face detected in the photo. Determine gender and age, check if the person is smiling, have eyes open, lips sealed or wearing glasses. And even differentiate between clear and dark glasses!
    One of the top recognition algorithms in the world. And blazing fast too.
    Easy integration to any application: web, mobile, desktop or anything with Internet connectivity.
modularity 83%
complexity 95%
ease of use 95%
frequency of updates 78%
flexibility 100%
integrowalność 80%

Benefits for users

Demo: (to see “Allow sites to access your camera” in web browser or phone)

    • The software allows you to create questionnaires, which can then be transferred to other furnishing, including mobile operators based on the Android operating system.
    • The collected information can be transmitted and processed through the integration of the system used in your company, which can improve the information provided.
    • Survey forms can be formed according to the needs, which means that can include open and closed questions, and allow them to attach photos with the submission of signatures by tablet.
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