In our work we use methodology based on agile software development – SCRUM.
The diagram below shows the details.


scrum stermedia




Your needs are the most important for us . Discussion with client about his expectations related to the software and functionality is the basis of a well done job. We conduct an analysis of the requirements and opportunities. At this stage we define the graphical appearance of the user interface, usability and operation of the program.








During this stage, a team of developers create a system based on previous findings. You can track the progress of work on the test environment provided by Stermedia. Main communication take place in dedicated project management environment REDMINE. It gives the customer a current insight into the progress of the project and permanent impact on its course. At each stage of acceptance (sprint) we propose a meeting or tele- or video-conference.




Upon completion of the programming process, applications are tested. We are particular about the efficiency and security of systems. We want them to be intuitive and easy to use.






As testing and making improvements are finished, the software is transferred. We always offer help in the process of deploying applications in your company and we provide a product support service. Our products are under warranty.




Market requirements and evolving technologies may enforce changes to the existing product. We provide the possibility of future extension of applications developed by us.


We are strongly focused on Continuous Integration.

It involves frequent, regular submit (integration) current changes in the code to the source code repository.
It is also important to make sure that the codeis correctafter theintegration(TestDriven Development):

  • writting so-called unit tests, running automatically
  • refactoring code

Continuous Integration  as well as TDD:

  • reduce rework and thus reduce cost and time
  • enable early errors detection