We follow the principles of Agile software development.

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Company Profile

Stermedia is a specialized IT Services company providing customized applications development services. Our team consists of people reliable and highly qualified people with passion, passion for creation. The company has capability to implement any size projects for dedicated application running in Windows, Linux, Mac OS, as well as complex web applications using a web browser or mobile apps on phones and tablets.
Our projects are carried out according to the SCRUM methodology. This is called the methodology lightweight, nimble (Agile Project Management), in line with The Agile Manifesto, which significantly accelerates the implementation of the task while maintaining expectations and customer requirements. The methodology is focuses on:

  • successive deliveries of more and more perfected project results to the client
  • participation of future users in the manufacturing process
  • self-organization project team
In our work, we follow two key principles: honesty and reliability. We support initiatives and non-profit organizations with IT implementations and promote open source solutions. You can be rest assured that when you come to us with needs, the help you receive will be professional and proposed solution will be designed to meet your expectations.


Meet our team

Stermedia sp. z o.o.
Stermedia sp. z o.o.Software House
The company focuses on the delivery of services in the design, development, integration and implementation of mobile applications (Android, iOS, Windows), desktop and web solutions.
IT Kontrakt sp. z o.o.
IT Kontrakt sp. z o.o.IT Outsourcing
IT Kontrakt specializes in outsourcing of IT staff. The company employs several hundred professionals (project managers, analysts, designers, architects, developers, testers et al.), who implement IT projects in Poland and abroad.
WorkService S.A.
WorkService S.A.HR services
The company is listed on the Stock Exchange in Warsaw and is providing specialized services in the field of HR consulting, outplacement, and staff leasing for major companies.

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