Stermedia Attends DevCon PixelFest 2017 in Virginia USA

Stermedia was present at the DevCon PixelFest 2017 from April 7-9th in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. We presented our capabilities in software development stacks to various attendees. There were over 6000 attendees from Eastern US states in this three day jam-packed event. Some keynote speakers included Chris Melissinos from Sun Microsystems, who is one of the [...]

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Polish developers on the top

HackerRank began  analysis by looking at which test types are most popular among developers. HackerRank developers can choose to participate in 15 different domains, but some are more popular than others.  The following table shows the proportion of completed tests that come from each domain. The most popular domain by far is algorithms, with nearly 40% [...]

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CohnIT is Europe's leading event for Health-IT Enterprise Europe Network Berlin-Brandenburg invites you to take place in the international partnering event taking place in Berlin. Whole event has been designed to offer an opportunity to meet potencial partners for new business and R&D projects. Representatives of companies, universities and research institutes offering innovative solutions and [...]

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Holy Bible – New version!

We have for you a mobile version of Holy Bible. From today you can have the Bible in Polish but soon app will be available in other languages. Additionally the app can display Readings, Psalms and the Gospel assigned to each day and the Breviary. In addition, you will find footnotes, bookmarks, searching, prayers and [...]

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The songbook The Cavalcade of Magi

The Cavalcade of Magi charity prepared a new mobile application that will support the joint, loud and joyful carol singing during the Christmas and Cavalcade of Magi on January 6. Mobile songbook cavalcade includes over 2000 Polish Christmas carols. There is also a search engine which makes it easy to search for carols Gradually we [...]

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